A Story Map – Bike Crash in Philadelphia

I created an interactive web application that visualizes bike crash records in 2014 through four seasons. I started from building html, css and javascript files from scratch, using leaflet, underscore, jquery libraries. To provide easier user experience, I wrote an algorithm to help users navigate through pages, not only to the previous and next, but also... Continue Reading →

Chicago Assault Risk Terrain Model

Where are Chicago aggravated assaults located? Can we predict when and where will an assault crime happen? Figure 1 shows the assault occurrence density using 0.25mi search radius. In this project, I first show the overlay of the possible factors with my assumed weight and then construct a  risk terrain model. This risk terrain model is an... Continue Reading →

Bike Score Redefined – Philadelphia

My interest in conducting a bike score evaluation for Philadelphia stems from my enthusiasm in biking. Many media ranks Philadelphia high in bikeability. However, as I tried a few times biking in the downtown area, the experience was not smooth. There are too many cars, very frequent signal controls, disconnected bike lanes, occupied bike lanes and more.... Continue Reading →

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