My works mainly focus on geospatial analytics and web map interface design.

As a bike enthusiast, I studied the bike infrastructure in Philadelphia. In Bike Score Redefined – Philadelphia, I created a new bike score rating system and programmed an interactive ArcPy tool that users can obtain bike score of a location by inputting latitude and longitude.

In Chicago Assault Prediction project, I investigated how different proximity factors affect the rate of assault crime in Chicago.

Concerned about historic building being demolished in Philadelphia, I conducted a logistic regression to predict for 2016 demolition likelihood with David Stanek, who is a Ph.D candidate in Department of Historic Preservation at the University of Pennsylvania.

In addition to geospatial analytics work, I also started web map design. The A Story Map – Bike Crash in Philadelphia project demonstrates my capability to write html, css and js files and to employ underscore, jQuery and Leaflet libraries in the web application.

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